- sterling silver: Clean gently with a soft cotton/flannel cloth.  Sterling silver can be easily scratched, so take care when polishing it.


- stainless steel: Clean using a mild dishwashing soap in warm water, then wipe with a soft cloth.  Stainless steel is durable and resistant to tarnishing, so it is a good metal to buy for someone with an active lifestyle.


- cubic zirconia: Clean gently with a soft cotton/flannel cloth.  Make sure to rub the surface in straight motions, as polishing the stone in circles could scratch it. 


- pearls: Wipe down with a soft cloth after every wearing.  Pearls are very fragile and should not be stored next to other jewelry or placed on hard surfaces.  If you want to use a jewelry cleaner on them, be certain that the cleaner is safe to use on pearls.  Keep them out of contact with chemicals, and avoid heat/dry air, as this can damage them.


- rhodium-plated jewelry: Clean with warm water and a mild dishwashing soap (we recommend using an ivory soap) and dry immediately with a soft polishing cloth after cleaning to avoid the buildup of any mineral residues that water might leave behind.  Make sure to use a polishing cloth that is meant for rhodium-plated jewelry—NOT one for uncoated metals.


- gold-plated jewelry: Avoid contact with hard surfaces, as this will dent the gold plating.  Gently wipe jewelry with a damp cotton cloth on a regular basis, and only use a non-abrasive polishing cloth if you want to polish it.  This can restore the shine of the gold.