We like to use two methods of ring sizing.  Neither one is more or less accurate than the other, necessarily.  It’s for your convenience: if you don’t like one method, we have a different one for you right here!  Here are a few tips for finding the most comfortable ring size:


-          Try to size your finger in warm weather.  Your fingers actually shrink up a little bit in cold weather!  Avoid an inaccurate sizing by doing it at the best time of day.


-          Keep in mind that your knuckle might be wider than the base of your finger.  If this is the case, then you won’t be able to put the ring all the way on by measuring the base, alone!  Even if you aren’t sure, you might want to measure your knuckle just to be safe.


-          Wholesale Jewelry Asia uses American ring sizes.  If you already know your size and would like to convert it to an American size, you can find a conversion table at http://www.ringsizes.co/ 


-          The average woman’s ring size is 6, and the average man’s ring size is 10.  We recommend that you use the charts below if you aren’t sure about your ring size, though!


-          Note that your finger might be in-between sizes, in which case most jewelers (including us!) recommend that you go for the larger size.  Wearing a ring that’s too small can actually do a lot of damage to your finger, so play it safe!


In the first picture below—which you can print out and compare either with your finger or with a ring you already own—you want to match up the lines of the circles with the inside of your ring.  Ring sizes are based on the size of the finger that will wear the ring, so you want to use these charts to find that rather than the size of the ring’s outer circumference. 

  Ring size A


            The second image below shows the lengths of various ring sizes.  You can cut a string or strip of paper to these lengths (or, again, print it out if you’d like) and wrap them around your finger to see how each size would fit on you.

Ring size B